Resounding 🎊Victory for 👔President Mnangagwa:🔊 SB Moyo

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ZANU-PF Mberengwa Senatorial candidate Dr Sibusiso Moyo is confident that the party’s First Secretary President Emmerson Mnangagwa will romp to victory in tomorrow’s elections as he has proven that he is a people-centred and visionary leader since he took office in November last year.

In an interview on the sidelines of the Kwekwe July Festival that took place in Redcliff last week, Dr Moyo said Zanu-PF has covered enough ground to ensure that ED gets nothing short of a victory. He said President Mnangagwa is a man of action who managed to turn around the fortunes of the country in the short space of time that he has been in office.

“When His Excellency took over office in November last year, the country was grappling with challenges. It took a lot of hard work, with experience, clean vision backed up with a plan and a strong personality and compassion to bring stability to the country’s economy. That is the same man we expect to lead the country after winning the election,” he said.

He said President Mnangagwa is a man of action, not promises, as evidenced by what he has achieved so far in the six months that he has been in office.

“He is focusing on the people who are going to vote, not being selective on party lines or racial background or creed or colour or age, he is delivering to all. You have seen transformations in the education sector, public transport, housing, social services.

“You have seen the commissioning of the Kariba Power Station which has injected 300 megawatts of power into the national greed, Hwange Power Station very soon worth $1,5 billion, what else can a normal person call for,” he said.

He said more mega deals are in the pipeline as a result of the “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra being spearheaded by President Mnangagwa which has attracted both foreign direct investment and domestic investment.

“We have $20 billion worth of deals waiting to be commissioned. We have our Batoka Project where serious American investors are in waiting. We have tourism deals that will see airports being refurbished and expanded, accommodation, infrastructure and so forth. So I hope Zimbabweans are not blind to see the effort being put by the President,” said Dr Moyo.

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