Donald Trump

Koch Network Says Trump Trade Moves 👀 Causing Long-Term Damage❗

The conservative political network led by billionaire Charles Koch opened a conference in Colorado with sharp criticism of President Donald Trump’s trade policies and leadership style, as it sought to demonstrate a desire for more bipartisan solutions.

“The policies right now are hurting people,” Brian Hooks, president of the …

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John Kelly Reaches 👏 1-Year Anniversary 🎊 with Trump Administration

One year ago Saturday, President Trump made a major personnel announcement, as he would do again in the future, on Twitter -- Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly would be taking over as White House chief of staff.

Kelly, who replaced onetime GOP Chairman Reince Priebus whose establishment party background sometimes seemed …

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Experts Hired 👀 to Analyze Trump-Cohen 📼 Tape: Giuliani

President Trump's legal team warned his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, both publicly and privately, that he's in violation of attorney-client privilege and has cautioned him against talking, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani told ABC News.

"We've indicated to them that they should respect the client and attorney privilege in …

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A Regular Weekend 👍

So far, President Trump's weekend has started off rather 👍 normally, with him touting 💪 the economic growth and calling democrats 'obstructionists'.

🐦 The USNavy’s first female Admiral, Alene Duerk once said: “It was a nice distinction to have, and to be recognized as the first, but I wanted to make certain …

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