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Intel Says Not to Expect 👎 Mainstream 10nm Chips until 2 H19❗

Intel has set a concrete deadline for when it'll finally have processors built on a 10nm process in the mainstream market: holiday season 2019.

While the company's 14nm manufacturing process is working well, with multiple revisions to improve performance or reduce power consumption, Intel has struggled to develop an effective …

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Virtual Reality Paintings 🖼 Possible in Moscow 🇷🇺 Art Gallery

Visitors to the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow are using virtual reality to explore the studios of two 20th Century Russian artists.

Wearing a VR headset, users can create compositions, put colours on a canvas and upload the result to social media.

Dutch company VRTech Group recreated the workrooms of …

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Twitter 🐦 Shares Plunge 📉 as User Total Falls 😱

Twitter shares have closed down more than 20% after the messaging platform reported a fall in active users.

User numbers fell to 335 million in the second quarter of the year, down one million from the previous three months.

During the quarter Twitter deleted many fake accounts - a move that …

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