EFF ‘Unapologetic’ 👀 About Removal of Athol Trollip❗

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has said it's unapologetic about the removal of Athol Trollip as Nelson Mandela Bay mayor.

Trollip has been ousted from the job through a no-confidence motion vote on Monday, tabled by the EFF, and UDM's Mongameli Bobani elected as his successor.

The motion was then backed by a coalition of the African National Congress and smaller parties.

City council Speaker Jonathan Lawack was also shown the door.

Red beret leader Julius Malema has accused Trollip of being obsessed with power.

“The man is a position mourner, he’s crying for a position, he’s removed, and he’s got a recourse. If the DA was not anarchic like that, it would follow legal route and not insist that it is the man.”

Malema says Trollip’s removal does not signify the rejection of the will of the people but is rather a reflection of the former mayor’s arrogance.

“Trollip's insistence that he’s still the mayor is rendering Nelson Mandela Bay ungovernable. He’s an autocrat who’s unable to accept a democratic outcome.”

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