Eskom Faces Coal Shortages at 9 Power Stations❗

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Eskom once again finds itself in a precarious coal situation due to a lack of investment in its coal-supplying mines, and more recently, industrial action.

Board chairperson Jabu Mabuza says a plan is in place to deal with low stockpiles.

But with the rainy season approaching, the company says it’s worried over how it will protect such small stockpiles.

Eskom says nine of its 15 coal-fired power stations have stockpiles below the company’s accepted minimum.

Six of them are below the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s requirement. Unprecedented industrial action over the last three months has also exacerbated production levels.

Acting chief financial officer Calib Cassim says two system stock days have been lost due to the strikes.

The total system average coal stock level, excluding Medupi and Kusile, is now 28.2 days.

“We are preparing for the rainy season that’s coming, but with the small stockpile very low it’s going to be a challenge.”

The company says since January, it’s concluded 13 new coal contracts and 10 more were approved by the board this month.

It’s hoped these coal sources will increase stock levels at the affected power stations in the short term.

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