Fortnite🔫 to Add Shockwave💨 Grenades

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Without a doubt, myriad Fortnite fans are doing their best to determine what exactly Epic Games has planned in the long run with its recent addition of a mysterious purple cube, and while fans try to parse the enigma, the studio will continue to update the title. As it so happens, Epic recently announced in the free-to-play Battle Royale portion of the multiplayer shooter’s in-game news feed that a new item called the Shockwave Grenade is “coming soon”.

As indicated by the description of the new item in the image below, Shockwave Grenades will give players the ability to send opponents, squad members, and even themselves soaring across the map “like a human cannonball”. With Fortnite fans being able to launch their own characters into the air using Shockwave Grenades, Epic thankfully had the foresight to have the item grant immunity to fall damage, which could make the object an incredibly useful strategic tool in combat.

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