From Borno, Soldier Writes Buhari About ‘Deadly, Lethal, Gruesome’ Corruption By Army Generals

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The Army hierarchy is deliberately slowing down the war against Boko Haram so that its corrupt generals can continue siphoning funds, a soldier involved in the counter-insurgency operation has alleged. According to the soldier, who simply identified himself as Kumashe Warrior, the Army has turned the operation into “a business for their selfish interest”.

He said the welfare of soldiers is so horrible that they are denied basic warfare items such as desert uniform, boots, fragmental jackets and helmets, while soldiers fighting for the country eat like Almajiris. “The game is: the more they delay the fight, the more the money they make; through allocation received from the Government,” he wrote.

“In order to achieve the delay, they have refused to supply us with the necessary equipment required to face the terrorists. They have not brought the fighter jets for aerial bombardment. They have also refused to bring supporting weapons that would aid the fight, the likes of GPMG, RPG, AA etc.” He urged the Federal Government to launch a thorough investigation into the operation in Borno to “detect the corruption and atrocities involved and bring to book all the perpetrators”.

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