JMPD Chief Commits 💪 to Empowering & Uplifting Women 👩

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Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) chief David Tembe has committed to transforming his department to include women in managerial positions.

Female officers and Emergency Management Services (EMS) personnel staged a seven-kilometre walk on Tuesday, calling for equal gender rights in the workplace.

As Women’s Month draws to an end on Friday 31 August, female emergency workers and traffic officers have pleaded with the city to treat them equally in the male-dominated sector.

“It’s true that in management at the JMPD and EMS there are no women.”

Tembe admits that in the last few years nothing has changed to empower or uplift women to top managerial positions in the city.

“When I look at the faces that I’ve left in EMS, they’re still the same. No promotion.”

Innocence Chabango is an emergency services worker. She says things need to change and fast.

“The recent scene that I went to, when we arrived there all the men were saying; 'ya, you women are useless'.”

Tembe says women will not be favoured for the top positions solely based on their gender but on merit.

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