[johannesburg] - WATCH: City Power suspects 'deliberate acts of sabotage' after Eikenhof substation blast

  |   Johannesburgnews

Johannesburg City Power says it suspects that the cause of the explosion at the Rand Water Eikenhof pumping station was a "result of a deliberate act of sabotage".

A video had emerged which proved that the fire had originated outside the transformer at the substation, City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mashaba said the transformer appeared to have been "maliciously damaged so that it would leak oil onto the fire".

"These facts are simply not consistent with a fire originating from an electrical fault.

"I have requested that City Power immediately refer this matter to the City's Group Forensics and Investigation Services (GFIS) and the South African Police Services for further investigation," Mashaba said....

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