Joho🔊: Every Leaders Must Account for Their Wealth💰

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Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has called on leaders to account for the source of their wealth. Speaking at a fundraising in Churo, Tiaty, in Baringo County on Sunday - a day after visiting former President Daniel arap Moi at his Kabarak home - Mr Joho said some leaders had made it their hobby to steal and had normalised theft in the name of ‘hustling’.

“Leaders must be able to explain their source of wealth. Let those whose preoccupation is stealing from the public coffers be exposed,” he said. “We know of leaders who are making corruption look cool at the expense of poor Kenyans who now live in abject poverty.” The governor warned that leaders found to have stolen from the public should carry their own cross and stop dragging their tribes and communities into their affairs.

Joho noted that corruption had impeded development and should be fought irrespective of the persons involved. “A thief is a thief. He does not belong to any tribe. Corruption is what has caused people to live in poverty. It has slowed construction of roads and schools and is a crime that should be fought irrespective of who is who,” he said.

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