Leave out Cathedral from list of wasteful expenditures - Dr Frimpong-Manso

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A member of the board of trustees for the National Cathedral has said the criticisms against building the facility has been one-sided with no one bothering to look at the benefits of the country having the facility. Rev. Dr Paul Frimpong-Manso, who is also the General Superintendent of the Assembly of God church, said although people are complaining about the cost of the facility, there are lots of waste in the nation that have been ignored.

He said that leaving the building of the facility in the name of the nation struggling to adequately pay for education and health is neither here nor there as such complaints will persist in the next 10 year. The government's decision to demolish buildings including residences of judges to make way for the construction of a national cathedral has been criticised as inappropriate.

Private legal practitioner Samson Lardy Anyenini has questioned the rationale behind pulling down all buildings [sited] from the Ridge Circle to the Scholarship Secretariat, the Judicial Training Institute at East Ridge, the passport office and other structures and about ten six-bedroom bungalows built by the Judicial Service to house Court of Appeal Judges.

These buildings are located in prime areas in Accra and in the case of the judges were built only five years ago. Government has indicated it will resettle the affected judges who have been served notice to leave their homes. This does not impress the man of God who said, “the question is not the National Cathedral, the question is indiscipline, corruption, mismanagement of resources and the rest. Every year, we hear from the Auditors Report and the Public Accounts Committee about people misusing public funds and walking free on our land,” he argued.

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