Madden🏉 Tournament Shooter Played Video Games🎮 ‘Obsessively’

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This past Sunday, David Katz entered the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida during a Madden NFL 19 tournament and opened fire, killing Taylor Robertson and Elijah Clayton and injuring 10 other people. Katz’s rampage ended when he turned the gun on himself. In the wake of the shooting, more information about Katz and his life have come to light, specifically his history with mental illness and apparent obsession with playing video games.

This information comes from divorce filings filed by David’s parents Richard and Elizabeth Katz. According to the divorce filings, David played video games “obsessively” to the point where he “refused to go to school or bathe.” David’s mother Elizabeth claims that her son exhibited poor hygiene, not washing his hair for days, and when she confiscated his video games, she would find him “just walking around the house in circles.”

In the divorce filings, Elizabeth documented at least one violent incident involving her son and video games. Apparently she confiscated his video game controllers and and locked them away. In response, David Katz punched a hole in the door. There were reportedly multiple instances where Elizabeth called the police on David, and went so far as to accuse him of “abuse.”

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