💪McCullum, Fleming⭐ Set to Feature In The Black Clash👊

Captain Kieran Read will lead a team of former and current All Blacks (NZ rugby team) against a team of well known cricketers in a charity T20 match in Christchurch.

Billed as the Black Clash, the game is the brainchild of former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming. It will take place on January 25 at Hagley Oval with money being raised for the benevolent funds of the rugby and cricket player associations.

Pacer Kyle Mills, recently retired all-rounder Grant Elliott, and Luke Ronchi are set to play in the game as well. Jeff Wilson who has represented the country in both sports is yet to reveal which team he will play for at Christchurch.

The event is based around South Africa's Nelson Mandela Legacy Cup where the Springboks, the South African Rugby team, take on the Proteas, the national cricket team.

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