Mercedes🗣: Engine Power Not❌ Our Only Shortfall

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Mercedes believes that "many" deficits it has with its Formula 1 car are behind Ferrari's current performance advantage.

On the back of Sebastian Vettel's crucial victory in Belgium, on a track where Mercedes has traditionally been strong, Ferrari's title hopes have been reinvigorated and it heads to this weekend's Italian GP as favourite.

Although much focus after the race was on the straightline speed advantage that allowed Vettel to blast past Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap, Mercedes think there are a number of key areas where the team is behind its main opposition.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said: "When I look at the race I see many deficits. We are a strong team but there are deficits that are obvious and cause us not to perform as we expect."

Pushed to explain the areas where he felt Mercedes was behind, he said: "You can see the deficits. It is the slow speed, and it is the traction. And this is what I would summarise as the main weaknesses at the moment.

"Plus clearly, compared to the Ferraris and the Red Bulls and the Force Indias, [we were] the car that was cooking the tyres the most."

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