‘Poor Infrastructure💪 Blow to Economic⏫ Growth’

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Image Credits: Zbc Online

The dilapidation of infrastructure across all sectors is an impediment to economic growth and also drives away investors.

This view is shared by engineers, who said the greatest impediment to the growth of Zimbabwe to catch up with the region and connect to the world remains infrastructure, whose rehabilitation and construction should be a top priority.

For Dr Engineer Sanzan Diara, infrastructure development is the key enabler to unlocking value across the economy.

Likewise Engineer Tawona Mtungwazi blamed poor infrastructure for crippling the economy and reducing the standard of life of Zimbabweans.

He cited the example of dilapidated water holding, treatment and reticulation infrastructure, which has led to unnecessary loss of life due to archaic disease outbreak such as typhoid.

As a signatory to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Zimbabwe must translate into action its commitment to infrastructure development to keep abreast with the region.

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