Shruti Haasan🔉: I Worked with My Father, Kamal Haasan⭐ Several Times, I Would Love to Act with My Mum, Sarika

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Shruti Haasan says she would love to act with her mother, veteran actress Sarika, in a film. “I want to work with my mum. We run a production house and we just started working together… I worked with my father several times, I would love to act with my mum,” Shruti told IANS in Mumbai.

Being the daughter of talented actors, has it ever been pressurising for Shruti to deliver an impactful performance on screen? “No, It is my life, I wanted to make them proud and I knew they’d be proud that she’s working hard and that’s important. I have followed the beat of my own drum because the comparisons are really impossible for me to compete with. They both started when they were four-years-old, so, it’s difficult to even get into that head space…” she said.

The 32-year-old actress says she doesn’t take the comparisons on her. “I always knew there would be comparisons but I never wanted to take it on board,” she said.

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