There Are No❌ Cartels in NYS Just Weak Systems🔊: 👔Director General Sakwa

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NYS Director General Matilda Sakwa has denied claims of cartels invading the institution. She said poor structures and systems are to blame for the massive looting that has happened in the past. Speaking in an interview with NTV, Sakwa said if proper procedures were followed in procurement and payment of the tenders money would not have been lost.

"Whenever the name National Youth Service comes up, many people think of a graft-riddled institution on its knees. But for the last two months I have been here, I have not seen any cartels. They might be within and without but we can fight them with proper systems," she said. Sakwa said finance and procurement officers took advantage of the cartel-like movement to mint public money because they knew no one would trace them.

"Just the other day someone came demanding about Sh7 million for goods. She could not produce a requisition note or the LPO, but she only demanded payment with a delivery note. Can you in your sober mind process such payment?" she asked. Sakwa has recruited new suppliers and began vetting them through the Registrar of Companies.

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