🙏Sabarimala Temple🏯 Town Looks 😨Terrible After 🌴Kerala 🌊Floods

  |   India News

Sabarimala is one of the biggest pilgrim centres in South India with the Ayyappa temple in the Periyar Tiger Reserve drawing at least 50 million visitors every year. However, the Kerala floods are likely to impact the pilgirmage this year as photos from the base shows the Pampa river flowing way beyond its original path. The river which rarely has more than knee-deep water during most of the year, has now breached the banks on both sides.

Earlier, State Tourism and Devasom Minister K Surendran said the flooding on the Pamba river had caused huge damage to the temple town and its infrastructure. The sluice gates of two dams that form a part of the Sabarigiri project were opened after heavy rains and subsequent floods ravaged places in and around the temple town.

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