Tumblr Bans ✋ Non-Consensual Creepshots 😱 and Deepfake Porn

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Tumblr is to ban content that results in the "unwanted sexualisation or sexual harassment of others".

The social network says this includes non-consensual "creepshots" - sexually suggestive photos of clothed victims.

In addition, it said it covers "deepfake" pornography, in which computer-generated images of a subject's face are transplanted onto explicit photos or videos of someone else's body without permission.

The rule-change is due on 10 September.

Other additions to Tumblr's community guidelines include the outlawing of "gore" posted solely to shock, as well as other "content that encourages or incites violence, or glorifies acts of violence or the perpetrators".

The blogging platform will still rely on its users to flag offending content to moderators.

To read full article - http://v.duta.us/qUlNmgAA

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