Turn Taj Mall into Huduma 🏛Centre, Don’t Demolish💥 It🔊: Youth Tells State

  |   Kenya News

An Embakasi youth leader wants Taj Mall — set for demolition — to be used instead for Huduma Centre services. The mall is on a road reserve and is to be demolished on Thursday. A multi-agency team notified tenants to vacate. It was reportedly built for Sh5.5 billion. Simon Maneti from Mukuru Kwa Njenga yesterday said they benefit from the mall. Its owner Ramesh Gorasia supports young people and has helped to reduce crime, he said.

“Youths in the slums are being engaged in activities funded by Ramesh. He also provides clean water in the slums by repairing boreholes,” Maneti said. “The county should put up a Huduma Centre in the building, instead of demolishing it.” A Muslim cleric also urged the government not to demolish the building. “Taj Mall is the only mall in Embakasi. It is a source of livelihood to the residents,” Sheikh Noor said.

He said it would be unfair to raze the building for being on a road reserve, yet the road has been built. “We plead with the government to reconsider its decision,” he said.

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