Women🙎‍♀ Still Earn💸 Less, but Wage Gap Has Narrowed👍🏻: ILO Report

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Average wages in India increased more rapidly for women than for men between 1993-94 and 2011-12, thereby closing the gender gap, though women continued to be paid less for the same work, according to a report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). The ILO's India Wage Report also revealed that wages in the unorganised sector grew faster than for those in organised employment over this period.

"Female workers are paid a lower wage rate than their male counterparts in each employment category (casual and regular/salaried) and location (urban and rural), although the differences are smaller - on average - in urban than in rural areas," the report states. "From 2004-05 to 2011-12, regular/salaried employment without social security and other non-wage benefits grew in this sector at an astonishing 9.2%, higher than regular formal employment that increased at 3.2% for the same period.

The report pointed out that while casual wages have increased faster than those for regular workers over the past decade, there remains a large gap between the wages of casual and regular workers.

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