Ireland 🇮🇪 Passes Craft Brewery Legislation 👏

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Politicians have long been associated - fairly or unfairly - with a certain alcohol-related activity in a brewery.

But breweries in the Republic of Ireland are raising a glass to their government over a new law.

The Intoxicating Liquor (Breweries and Distilleries) Act 2018, enables craft breweries and distilleries to sell alcohol on their premises.

It means tourists being shown how beer and spirits are made can then buy them at the end of the tour.

There are craft breweries in every county in Ireland, whiskey distilleries in 22 counties and gin distilleries in 14.

Some larger breweries and distilleries had previously got round the ban by purchasing a publican's licence and selling their products in bars on the premises.

However, that was an expensive option, too much for the dozens of smaller companies operating their own craft breweries or distilleries.

The new law also now enables companies to sell their drinks to members of the public to take away between the hours of 10:00 and 19:00.

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