Ahmadiyya Muslim🤔 Mission Condemns Imams🗳 Elections Violence

  |   Ghana News

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission has condemned as un-Islamic and a heinous rejection of guidelines provided by Holy Prophet Muhammad, all acts of violence that attended the recent elections of Imams in Nandom in the Upper West Region.

A statement issued by the Mission, signed by the General Secretary Alhaj Abbass Wilson, said the violent acts between two Muslim groups constitute a threat to peace that should not be countenanced.

Reports of violence between two Muslim groups over the appointment of an Imam for a mosque at Nandom in the Upper West Region have been received by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission with utmost sadness. The Mission is grieved that the violence at Nandom over Imamship resulting in injuries to fellow Muslims in that town was not the first but the latest in what has become a ghastly pattern in many parts of the country.

In some cases regrettably, Government had been compelled to close down mosques following disagreement and resultant violence over the choice of Imams. That the selection of an imam of a religion, whose name itself means peace, is characterized by violence defies understanding and sends worrying signals about Islam.

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