APC ✨Presidential Aspirant💪 Vows to Challenge Buhari, Rejects🙅‍♂️ Direct Primaries

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SKC Ogbonnia, a presidential aspirant on the platform of the All Progressives Party (APC), has threatened to sue over its mode of primaries for elections.

Mr Ogbonnia is one of the politicians who frowned at the APC’s resolution to adopt direct primaries.

Controversy has continued to trail the resolution of the latest APC National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in which direct primaries for elections in the party was deliberated on and adopted.

Direct primaries involves the participation of all party members in the selection of party candidates.

Indirect primaries, on the other hand, involves delegates, who many believe are influenced by state governors. Party leaders at local levels, political appointees as well as elected officials are assigned to elect party candidates in indirect primaries.

Mr Ogbonnia told PREMIUM TIMES that he has written to the party’s national chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, asking it to void direct primaries.

He also said the party has two days to respond, after which he might take the matter to court.

He explained that he had written the said letter because the APC (and the press) have failed to ‘display’ other opponents of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The press could have echoed the opponents of Buhari to make this thing somehow competitive but each time the press wants to write, they act like no other person exists.

“Our democracy is not going to develop if we are only promoting the incumbent.

“If the press were really promoting everybody, it would have been competitive – where Buhari’s people will be bringing out all the money they’ve been piling but right now, they’re not spending any money whatsoever on the primaries because the press has determined that there is no competition.

“I sent a letter to Oshiomhole to see if they can void the direct primaries because I believe at the indirect primaries, we’ll be able to speak. Buhari will speak and I will speak and the nation will listen to two of us.

“I’m waiting for a response. They have two days to respond to me and if they don’t respond, I may go to court. The direct primary is more democratic but if you do direct primaries for the presidential race, it’s not free and fair,” he said.

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