Body Decomposes😣 at Home After👊 Dispute Between⚰ Funeral Service, Family

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The Ncube family of Bulawayo has accused Moonlight Funeral Services of reneging on their contract after their grandmother’s body ended up decomposing at home. Moonlight is reported to have delayed in collecting the body after accusing the family of signing up their relative for a package she was not eligible for. The family allegedly supplied wrong information when it signed up for the policy

Nothando Ncube, a relative to the deceased told The Chronicle,

"They were delaying to assist us when we went to ask for their services for our grandmother who was their client. They first refused to provide their services for her saying she was above 80 years old and the package we had been paying for her was inaccurate. They blatantly said that even though we had been paying for her. Her body was already decomposing in our home."

Moonlight public relations director Mr Abel Chimutanda however, disputed this saying,

"…This family added their grandmother as a dependent on their package a few months ago. However, they did not bring us her identification document. They said they were going to bring it, but did not until her time of death…they said yes she was indeed below 80 – only to find out that the dependent was above 80…anyone who is above 80 years of age is not catered for on it(the package in question), hence our delay."

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