Elon Musk in New Rant 😠 at Thai Cave Rescuer 💪

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Elon Musk has again attacked a British diver he has previously accused without evidence of being a child abuser.

In an email to a reporter, Mr Musk said Vernon Unsworth - who assisted with the rescue of 12 Thai teenagers from a flooded cave - was a "child rapist".

Mr Unsworth's lawyer said the allegation was "completely false".

Mr Musk had earlier apologised for calling Mr Unsworth a "pedo". The pair first clashed over Mr Musk's offer of a mini-submarine to help with the rescue.

The Briton had told CNN that the submarine was "just a PR stunt [that] had absolutely no chance of working". The Tesla founder responded with a series of tweets accusing Mr Unsworth of paedophilia without providing any evidence.

In July he deleted the tweets but last week he appeared to repeat his allegation, tweeting that it was "strange he hasn't sued me" after Mr Unsworth said he was considering legal action.

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