Force India to🤔 Change Qualifying Strategy After Monza⚠ Error

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Force India is set to change its "default" qualifying strategy after Sergio Perez failed to make it out of Q1 in the Italian Grand Prix.

Perez was well inside the top 15 after the first runs in Q1 at Monza, and the Mexican – who regularly tries to save tyres in the first session if confident of getting through – opted to stay in the garage.

However, the team underestimated how much the track would ramp up and how much slower cars would gain from getting tows. Perez was eventually bounced down to 16th, missing out on Q2 by just 0.001s.

After analysing the situation the team has decided that from now on two runs will be the default plan in order to avoid risk, and that it will only switch to one if it’s absolutely clear that its drivers can get through with their first run time.

“We made a mistake in qualifying unfortunately,” team principal Otmar Szafnauer told Motorsport .com.

“We should have sent Sergio out, and I think that ultimately cost us. But mistakes should hurt you, and they have. Our default now is going to be to run twice, as opposed to the default being run once.”

Perez managed to recover to eighth in the race, finishing behind teammate Esteban Ocon. Both men gained a position from the exclusion of Romain Grosjean.

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