Gauteng Health Dept 🏥 Questioned Over Safety 👀 of Lisbon Building in Wake of Fire 🔥

  |   Sanews

The Gauteng Health Department has been asked to explain why it didn’t move office after a report which showed that the building was only 21% safety compliant.

The Lisbon Building, which houses several government departments, has been burning since Wednesday.

At least three firefighters died while battling the blaze.

It emerged that local government received a warning about the sub-standard condition of the building, as well as seven others in the province but nothing was done.

The provincial Health Department’s Solly Cave has responded.

“The relocation of staff from where we are to alternative buildings… we want to ensure that they are compliant so that we can ensure that the same thing does not happen at alternative buildings [sic].”

Meanwhile, the department says important files have been lost in the fire.

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