Salman on Katrina Co-Hosting Bigg Boss 12 🔈:She Might Have Spread These Rumors Herself

  |   Salman Khan / Bollywood / Katrina Kaif

Thanks to the dhamakedar launch of Bigg Boss 12 there's some great scoop on a lot of things. Other than his uber epic entry in a motorboat and his amazing performance, Salman got super candid about everything the media asked him.

A question that has been doing the round about the new season of the reality show is that among other celebrity guests, Katrina Kaif may co-host this season with him.

He revealed the hilarious conversation that he had with Katrina on the same.

"Katrina must have spread those rumors herself. She was asking me that this time it is Jodis? I said, ‘yes’. She said ‘Then I should do it and when I asked why? She said, you do your impromptu thing and I will follow and stick to the script. When I asked her price for this? She said, “We will keep it equal, what’s your price is my price," he said taking a jibe at Katrina.

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