Krejcir Awaits 👀 Minister’s Decision on Extradition❗

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Convicted criminal Radovan Krejcir wants to be extradited back to the Czech Republic and is now waiting for the Justice and Correctional Services minister to decide his fate.

In March, the Kempton Park Magistrates Court ruled that Krejcir could be extradited to his home country to face a slew of charges there.

He was also convicted in 2015 in South Africa on charges relating to the kidnapping and torture of a man.

He's currently serving an effective 35 years behind bars for that crime while also facing other serious charges on home soil.

Krecjir's attorney Eric Mabuza says they’ve made an urgent request for him to be returned to his home country.

“It’s almost 11 years, the government have been caught trying to extradite our client and sometime in March, a magistrates court granted permission to extradite him. So, we don’t understand why government, after fighting tooth and nail after 11 years, is now delaying extraditing him to the Czech Republic.”

The Justice and Correctional Services Department has acknowledged receipt of the letter and says it will respond in due course.

At the same time, Krejcir’s family claims he plans to go on a hunger strike to protest his prison conditions.

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