Lancia Delta🚗 Integrale Resurrected as a👌 Restomod

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The Lancia Delta Integrale is probably the ultimate hot-hatch to be ever built. With just over 200bhp of power from the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol, it is still insanely fast thanks to its high power-to-weight ratio and the incredible four-wheel drive catapulting it.

The purists always wanted the Delta Integrale back and here it is, with Automobili Amos, an Italian company, deciding to resurrect it. Called the Delta Integrale Futurista, this Lancia is a pure restomod and a work of art.

And that is because Amos has retained the purity of its all-mechanical self. With almost no electronics to aid the person behind the wheel, the Futurista has perfect driver-car engagement, something that is not possible with modern cars.

Also, it is no slouch at all. Because Amos has pumped out 330bhp from the same block using modern tech and has used reinforced bits in the same drivetrain to maintain the purity. On the other hand, the interior isn’t spartan; leather upholstered Recaro racing buckets are fixed in both the front and the back, besides a restomod dashboard and bespoke interiors.

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