Mentally Challenged Girl Runs Away 😳 From Home to MARRY Salman Khan

  |   Salman Khan

In a shocking turn of events, a mentally challenged girl ran away from her home in Dehradun and came down to Mumbai with a hope to marry Salman Khan.

As reported by TOI, Kusum, a 24-year old left her home on August 11 and has been in Mumbai ever since. She was spotted loitering outside Salman's Galaxy Apartments by the security guards who then informed the local police. The cops immediately took control of the situation and inquired her about her visit to Mumbai and why she was suspiciously wandering around Salman's house. That's when Kusum is said to have expressed her desire to marry Salman.

It took some time for the cops to identify her background and where is her family and eventually realized that she's not mentally stable.

Police Sub inspector Narayan Tarkunde confirmed the news stating , "Kusum's father said that her daughter is mentally challenged and her treatment in going on. She has earlier also escaped many a times."

Her father reached Mumbai a few days back and took his daughter home, after the police verification.

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