Mercedes to Push⬅ Back Team Orders🗣 "As Far As Possible"

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Mercedes sees no need to impose team orders in its Formula 1 championship battle yet, and will hold off for as long as it can in making a decision to introduce them.

The team had said ahead of the Italian Grand Prix that it would decide after the race whether or not it made sense for Valtteri Bottas to be moved into a support role to help Lewis Hamilton.

But with Hamilton opening up his world championship advantage with victory at Monza, on a day when Bottas was able to help his teammate without wrecking his own race, Mercedes is happy to keep things as they are.

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said: “I don’t really like team orders, they are not cool and not good for the sport, and they are not good for either driver.

“Lewis doesn’t want to have anything gifted and Valtteri doesn’t want to give anything up. We are looking at it from race to race."

“We discussed it [on race morning], various scenarios and there was no necessity and we will see what happens in Singapore. I want to push that moment back as far as possible.”

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