Russia🇷🇺 Evacuates Children🧒🏻 as Crimea Town 'Coated in Rust'😱

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Russia has evacuated more than 4,000 children from a town in Crimea hit by noxious sulphur dioxide gas, allegedly from a huge nearby titanium plant. Experts believe the problem is that the summer heat evaporated a huge quantity of sulphuric acid dumped in the reservoir and noxious sulphur dioxide gas has been blowing from it across Armyansk.

Residents quoted by Russian media say the foul gas has been polluting their town since 23 August, and some complained that the authorities had been slow to act. Valentina Anatolyevna, a worker at Titan was interviewed, said a greasy "rust" had coated her apricot trees and vines, ruining the fruit.

Clinics in Armyansk say they are coping, although reports from local people say there has been an influx of patients complaining of chemical burns and breathing problems.

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