Salman No More Needed 🙅‍♂ to Take Permission for Foreign Trips

  |   Salman Khan

Salman Khan will not be required to take permission from the court every time he travels abroad as a sessions court on Wednesday granted an application moved by him in this regard.

"We had moved an application seeking permanent exemption for Khan from taking permission of the court every time he has to travel abroad. The court allowed the application," said the actor's counsel Hastimal Saraswat.

But Salman will have to provide detailed information about his journey to the court before embarking on any such journey. "He will have to keep the court informed of any such plans before leaving the country like the dates, the location and the stay," Hastimal Saraswat said.

"A similar application was moved by the defence seeking modification in a condition in the bail order that Mr Khan will have to take permission every time he has to travel abroad. But that application was withdrawn by us and a fresh application moved, which was allowed by the court," Hastimal Saraswat said.

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