Shailene Woodley Says 'Big Little Lies' Season 2⃣ Won't "Shy Away From the Dirty"

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The little lies are about to get bigger, hinted Big Little Lies star Shailene Woodley, speaking about the upcoming season of HBO's hit series.

“My character has a very different story line which is wonderful, but for many other people it goes deep. It's going to be very emotional but at the same time still be comedic and have those light moments, but it doesn't shy away from the dirty,” she said.

The actress, speaking to THR at the Deauville Film Festival where she was on hand to receive the Rising Star Award, said she was initially surprised by the show's runaway success. But she believes that the show co-starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Zoe Kravitz, while not part of the #MeToo movement, hit the zeitgeist just when the world was ready for a shift.

“People are just f—ing hungry to understand and to have a cinematic view on female psychology. It's not about replacing men with women or putting women in action hero roles or making the new James Bond Ameila Bond, it's about recognizing there's been such a huge imbalance of the way we explore psychology in our industry and that for a very long time it's been very heavy handed with men and masculinity,” she said, adding that the show's demographics are roughly gender-balanced.

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