Spectrum✨ Release a Tribute MV to Late Member👍 Dongyoon📹http://v.duta.us/_R4gCgAA

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Boy group Spectrum dedicated a tribute MV to late member Dongyoon, to their special single, "Dear. My".

As the members revealed yesterday, "Dear. My" is the last song which late member Dongyoon recorded before his death. Dongyoon also participated in writing the lyrics for "Dear. My", a song produced by member Jehan.

Spectrum member Dongyoon passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 20 back on July 27, and in their special single "Dear. My", the members of Spectrum promise to keep Spectrum's name going as 7-members.

Watch the MV: http://v.duta.us/_R4gCgAA

Source: http://v.duta.us/DgeV9wAA

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