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Facebook, Twitter 'Too Slow' 😱 to Tackle Meddling❗

Facebook and Twitter have said that they took too long to tackle foreign campaigns to meddle in US elections.

Responding to lawmakers, Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said the social network was "too slow" to act on election interference.

Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey said his platform was "unprepared …

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Twitter: Algorithms 💻 Were Not Always Impartial 👀

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has told US law-makers that the company's algorithms have not always been "impartial".

He said the platform "unfairly" reduced the visibility of 600,000 accounts, including some members of congress.

But he was unable to immediately say whether a majority of them were Republican, Democratic …

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Samsung: Time 🕰 for Folding Smartphones 📱

Samsung's head of mobile has said it is "time to deliver" foldable smartphones, fuelling speculation the company is about to reveal a bendable device.

In an interview with CNBC, DJ Koh said Samsung's consumer research suggested there was demand for a foldable phone.

Several phone-makers are rumoured to be developing …

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Crime-Hit Mobike Suspends 👎 Manchester Sharing Scheme

Bike sharing firm Mobike is to pull out of Manchester after losing 10% of its cycles each month to theft and vandalism.

The Chinese firm said too many had been stolen, dumped in canals and bins, had locks hacked off or been set on fire.

Manchester has become the only …

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Elon Musk in New Rant 😠 at Thai Cave Rescuer 💪

Elon Musk has again attacked a British diver he has previously accused without evidence of being a child abuser.

In an email to a reporter, Mr Musk said Vernon Unsworth - who assisted with the rescue of 12 Thai teenagers from a flooded cave - was a "child rapist".

Mr Unsworth's lawyer …

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Jupiter's Magnetic Field Is Unlike Anything We've Ever Seen

The first map of Jupiter's magnetic field at a range of depths is in, and it solidifies something we already knew: that it's really, really, really weird. Aside from that, though, it's unlike anything else planetary scientists have ever seen. We already knew that the gas giant's external magnetic field …

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This 7,200-year-old cheese stands alone among world's oldest

The earliest evidence for cheese making in the Mediterranean has been found in pottery from Croatia's Dalmatian coast, according to a new study. But you won't want to eat this cheese. After all, it's 7,200 years old. And it's not even cheese anymore but the fatty residue left over …

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Bigfoot researcher's lawsuit tossed out by Canada court

A Canadian court has dismissed a Bigfoot-believer's lawsuit claiming British Columbia failed in its duty to recognise that sasquatches exist. Todd Standing tried to get the province to acknowledge that the giant, ape-like figure was "an indigenous mammal living within British Columbia". He also claimed the province infringed on his …

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Planet Nine does exist, but it is too far away to see

For decades, scientists have theorised that there is a ninth planet – what would have been the 10th were it not for the downgrade of Pluto to a dwarf planet – in our galactic neighbourhood. The planet, named Planet Nine, is believed to be 10 times bigger than Earth and 20 times …

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