Typhoon🌀 Damages Nintendo😓 Headquarters

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Over the course of the last two weeks, two typhoons have been making their way through South Korea and Japan. Although the eye of the first typhoon disappeared as it crossed over South Korea and left the country largely unharmed, it has caused a lot of destruction in Japan. The second typhoon, which is called Typhoon Jebi, is now also making its way across Japan, leaving behind a lot of damage. One of the many structures that were affected by Typhoon Jebi is the Nintendo headquarters building in the Kansai region of Japan.

As seen in the images below, Typhoon Jebi has removed the “N” sign from Nintendo’s Kyoto headquarters building. The iconic Nintendo sign is the only thing that has been damaged by the typhoon, though, as it seems from the images that the rest of the building is largely left untouched by the destruction that the typhoon has caused.

Nintendo has announced that it will be closing telephone lines and halting online customer support systems in Japan due to the deadly typhoon, so Japanese Nintendo fans will, unfortunately, have to wait until the typhoon is over until they can contact customer support for technical problems again.

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