Shahid Kapoor Challenges👍🏼 Saif Ali Khan’s Naga Sadhu Look; Promises to Get a ‘Bigger Beard’🧔🏻Than Him

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Shahid Kapoor has been prepping for his role in the Arjun Reddy remake. The actor is growing his beard lately because Vijay Deverakonda had a thick, dense and an unkempt one in the Telugu original. We are also excited about the film which is sort of a contemporary spin-off on Devdas, if we may say so. In his interview with Rajeev Masand, he has challenged Saif Ali Khan that he will make it bigger than the one he sported for Hunter. You must remember the latter’s look from the film where he plays a Naga Sadhu. He even sported the same look in public.

Shahid said, “His looks bigger than mine though. I am still waiting for it to get to that length. His looks really good. This is for Arjun Reddy. It will get a lot bigger.” When asked if he will beat Saif, he said, “I might. You better watch out Saif.”

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