'ANC has Forgotten👀 About People of Alexandra'

  |   Sanews

A group of elderly people from the Alexandra township have staged a protest outside Luthuli House demanding title deeds.

They claim they were forcibly removed from their land by the apartheid government and were never compensated.

The groups are represented by the Alexandra Property Owners' Association.

Elderly people from Alexandra have gathered outside Luthuli House calling on the African National Congress (ANC) to intervene and give back what is rightfully theirs.

The Alexandra Property Owners Association's Dodo Shiburi says: "People want their title deeds; people want alternative accommodation to those who lost their land."

He says the ANC has forgotten about the people of Alexandra.

“ANC, as the government, that’s why we came to Luthuli House, the presidency knows about this, and the land commission.”

The majority of the elderly people here say they want to die knowing that their children have title deeds in their hands.

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