De Lille: There🙅 was No Secret Deal🤝

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Mayor Patricia de Lille says her decision to resign should not be interpreted as her running away from anything.

De Lille announced on Sunday she would step down as mayor at the end of October after the Democratic Alliance (DA) agreed to drop a new set of misconduct charges that she was due to face this week.

She says she’s satisfied by the decision and views the DA’s capitulation as being unable to prove the allegations against her.

De Lille says her nearly year-long battle with the DA has always been out of principle, and not position.

“My fight was to clear my name. There was no secret deal. I stand to gain nothing from this decision.”

De Lille says by resigning, she’s not trying to dodge a disciplinary process and her lawyer was ready to start pre-trial proceedings today.

“People shouldn’t think I’m running away from anything. I want the allegations to be tested, but they need to be backed up by evidence.”

De Lille adds in her remaining weeks as the city’s first citizen, she will continue to implement the DA’s policies for an integrated city.

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