Fiat-Chrysler❌ Red-Flags Mahindra🚙 Roxor in the American🇺🇸 Market

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Many were surprised when Mahindra launched the Roxor in the American market. Not a street-legal car there, the Roxor is a ‘side-by-side’ car largely targeted at estates and off-roading resorts and private usage. It has turned out to be a pretty handy tool, gaining popularity which might have triggered Fiat-Chrysler’s concerns.

Mahindra’s association with Jeep goes back more than 50 years when the Indian entrepreneurs licensed the Jeep CJs to build and sell across India. With the Indian economy running behind closed doors till the 90s, the Jeep got deeply encrusted into Mahindra’s DNA with the vertically slatted grille finding its place on almost all the fascia.

Jeep, now owned by the Marchionne-built Fiat-Chrysler empire, has now entered the Indian car market and the decades-old license has begun becoming a matter of contention. While there isn’t much FCA can do in the Indian market owing to the license and legacy, the Roxor’s similarity to the Jeep CJs is tantalising.

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