Over 250 People😢 Displaced Following Claremont 🔥Shack Fire

  |   Sanews

Joburg Emergency Services have confirmed the number of shacks destroyed in a fire in Claremont has risen to over 100, with more than 250 people now displaced.

Preliminary investigations have revealed an unattended candle caused the fire in the early hours of Monday morning.

Small fires, smouldering building equipment and the ashes of what used to be personal belongings, that’s what’s left behind in this community that so many families once called home.

Men are already cleaning up the site, to make space, hoping to rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

Joburg Emergency Services says that this morning's fire spread rapidly given the close proximity of the shacks.

“There’s not that big space between the shacks which can assist us to be able to move around with our equipment and we can’t move when we’ve a medical emergency.”

The city has called on the public to assist with food, clothes and blankets.

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