[durban] - China's Africa expansion does not benefiting SA

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Just a can or two of the prime middle cut pieces in a delicious tomato chutney with melting potatoes could provide a finger-licking meal for an entire family.

But now the Saldhana brand of middle cut has disappeared altogether from the supermarket shelves.

You can go from supermarket to supermarket, aisle to aisle, but you won’t find a can of this sought-after Indian delicacy.

You’ll see Sailors, Sea Point and Lucky Star brands, but not the Saldhana middle cut.

Where are all the Saldhana middle cut gone?

It’s all gone to China.

I see some Chinese brand canned fish on the supermarket shelves. They catch our fish, process them in China and export them to our country....

Photo - http://v.duta.us/K6ZmfAAA

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