Holiday Goers ✈ Left Frustrated by Striking City to City Bus 🚌 Drivers

  |   Sanews

Hundreds of holiday goers have been left stranded at Park Station in Johannesburg due to a city to city bus drivers’ strike.

Drivers have been on strike since Wednesday night.

It’s understood they embarked on the industrial action after management refused to pay them before Christmas Day.

Several commuters spent the night at Park Station.

Some say they arrived on Wednesday afternoon and still haven’t received clarity on when they will be able to make their way home or to their various holiday destinations.

They say they are frustrated at the lack of communication by City to City bus management.

This woman says it is not fair on the commuters.

“We had a problem since Wednesday. We arrived here around 4 pm to 5 pm and we’ve been waiting for the buses. They’ve let us queue here until late, they didn’t tell us that they had a problem with drivers.”

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