War Veterans Demand🙏 More Land, More Money💸 as Economy Continues to Sink

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ZANU PF has resolved to reward War Veterans with cash and in kind for the role they played in the liberation of the country. As part of the resolutions passed by the ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference held in Esigodini, the party said

"All war veterans who have not yet benefited from land allocation should be given land. The war veterans should be given their land quota promised by government as this phenomenon has not been followed. The liberation war fighters want to be exempted from land tax on the land they liberated.

"There is a need to improve the general welfare of war veterans and honour the monetary pledge that government made to them, like in the case of all liberation armies in the region and beyond. The vetting process of war veterans who have been excluded should be expected, expedited and completed."

However, the latest demands made by the war veterans have not been met with universal approval. Political analysts have warned that giving in to such demands may harm the long-term prospects of the country.

Political analyst Dewa Mavhinga had this to say

"If Mnangagwa is not careful about these current demands, it could worsen an already bad economic situation. It will backfire because it will ruin the economy and war veterans have no real political power to talk of. Power lies with the military."

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