SAHRC: SA 🇿🇦 Is Most Unequal Country in World ⚠

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The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says while income inequality marginally decreased by 0.01% in the past four years, the gap in wealth inequality continues to widen in the country.

The commission delivered the 2017/2018 equality report on Thursday morning.

The report is based on tools at the government's disposal to address economic inequality through radical economic transformation.

According to the commission, South Africa remains the most unequal country in the world - with 64% of black South Africans, 41% of coloured people, 6% of Indian people and 1% of white people living in poverty.

Researcher Shanelle van der Berg says economic inequality and status-based inequality are inextricably linked.

“If we look at the NDP poverty and quality related target, the living above the poverty line population has increased, margining from 39% to 40%.”

She says the wealth inequality gap is widening as a result of the failure of application of affirmative action by the government

“What’s lacking is a central coordinating body that can keep an eye on the implementation of the affirmative action.”

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