Destiny 2🔥 Removing Prismatic Matrix❌ This Week

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Guardians will want to spend any remaining Prismatic Facets before next week, as Bungie has announced it is removing the Prismatic Matrix feature from Destiny 2 for the current season.

Update 1.2.3 is coming Tuesday, July 17, and Bungie has recently released information on what content is on the horizon, as well as what the incoming update will change or add to Destiny 2. Among the many changes announced are plans to remove the Prismatic Matrix from the game.

Bungie laid out the reasons for this change on its blog, stating that the feature was being tested as a way to provide players a better chance to obtain Eververse items they’ve had their eyes on, and was always meant to temporary. Those who enjoyed the feature, take heart, Bungie intends to bring the Prismatic Matrix back at some point in the future and plans to improve on it using feedback provided by the Destiny community.

This feature will be addressed again before the launch of Forsaken in September, when Bungie has promised a full preview of changes coming to Eververse Trading Company.

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