Dry weather reveals ancient site in Ireland's Boyne Valley

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Relics of Ireland's ancient past have been uncovered - thanks to the recent heatwave and drought. Images captured by a drone show a previously undiscovered monument or henge close to the 5,000 year old Newgrange monument in County Meath. Measuring up to 200m in diameter, it is believed to be a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age enclosure.

"The weather is 95% responsible for this find," said Anthony Murphy who found the site along with Ken Williams. "The flying of the drone, knowledge of the area, and fluke make up the rest in this discovery," he said. "There's more moisture in the field where the features of this site are and that's why the grass is greener. "So it shows up nicely against the more yellow grass around it."

The discovery has been reported to Ireland's National Monument Service which holds details of almost 140,000 monuments.

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